LTME-postYou’re a living ghost now
you haunt my every second
what you did, was so fucked up
no one needs to live with that hurt
I just don’t get it…
Why marry me?
Just to watch my heart bleed
I was blinded by my heart
but now I can see
no one says ‘I do’
& days later says ‘I hate you, fuck off’
my crime was horrible
I completely understand
to move cities to be with my wife
how terrible of me
I just wanted to be closer
to be our own family
but you had you’re two lives
separately you enjoyed
and when they were combined
I was doomed
you’re fucking selfish, you’re a bitch
even a whore
I hate you! but
I don’t know what to do
It’s been 5 years now
and I’m lost
I loved you with all of me
but you didn’t need anyone’s love
you loved yourself too much
does anyone have an answer
to get over you’re one and only love
why on earth did you marry me
I think it’s just cause
you wanted me to live with this hurt
you’re probably smiling as you twist the knife in my heart


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