To my ex “love of my life”

To my ex “love of my life”

To my ex “love of my life”

LTME-postI take nothing back. Everything that happened in the last year of our relationship was rooted in the fact that you ignored me. After 14 years you decided that you would rather go on trips with your BFF and leave me home alone to wait for youbto come home. I knew it was over when I had to sit in the back seat of your car while your BFF sat in front.

Yea…I may have gone astray on you. I dont try to defend it in any way other than it wouldnt have happened if you spent tine with me from time to time. I cant forget how you admitted to sleeping with a married man, and as hard as it was I forgave you. You didnt afford the same courtesy to me fornmy indes retion and on 3 days notice, stole the last 140 dollars I had, and took all the nice furniture.we had and left me with crap..

I never wished any ill.on you, though I know you do on me.

You need to know that I have a family now. I am happier now than I ever could have been with you, and I am glad Indont have to see ypu or your BFF for the reat of my life. That bitch leads you around by the nose and is a much bigger influence on you than Inever was.

If I had of known thiings would end up as they did, I never would have asked youbout in the first place much less waste almost 15 years of my life with you.

Fuck you Amy.
Fuck you Kayla.

Im much happier with neither of you in my life.


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