I’m doing this for me

I’m doing this for me

I’m doing this for me


Dear Aaron,
today, March 03,2019, I am officially deciding to stop caring what you’re doing! although we aren’t even divorced yet you’ve been granted the lifestyle of being able to go out every weekend since we’ve been gone and having sex with a different female every week oh and don’t get me started on how you really only have to call and show your face to our son and tell him how much you “miss him” and send money without having to actually worry about me putting him off on you because I need a moment. You’re enjoying this. I have never been a spiteful individual, but you brought out a whole other side of me I never knew existed until I met, married, dealt with, and separated from you. I consider myself a still married women . I’m loyal and faithful to a boy who couldn’t wait even a full week to bring the next women into the bed where we slept with our baby and then sit on FaceTime and tell me he misses me and wishes I was back home the day after it’s done. *oops* didn’t know I knew that ? I know quite a lot :). today I have decided for myself to focus on ME! if it’s no concern dealing with our child I don’t want to speak with you about it. I’m removing you from my car insurance so I hope you got your own like you said you were gonna do and I hope you got your money to pay Verizon for your phone so I can take you off my phone service as well. call me petty, but I prefer that the only thing that links me to you, is our child. enjoy life and avoid STD’s and even worse things at all cost. I mean I wouldn’t want you to get chlamydia or gonorrhea or worse.


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