Why can’t you forget the past

Why can’t you forget the past

Why can’t you forget the past


I know our past was not the brightest. And I use to be a horrible guy. But I’ve changed so much and I wish you could forget the past. You were my first love and I honestly miss you with all my heart and soul. The guy you are with lies to you and has cheated on you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ll never tell you though, becaise you won’t believe me. Because I use to do that. So I understand why you would have trouble believing me.

It just hurts, every time I listen to Drive By, by Train or Stereo Hearts. It kills me inside because those were our songs that we could sing with each other and just be happy. But being young and dumb that I use to be I messed it all up. And I regret it with all my heart and soul. If I had one day with u. I would tell u how I truly feel and let you know that if I had another chance I would be the best guy in the world but I can’t so I’ll sit in my room crying bc I don’t feel I’m good enough

I love You A

Missing you lots


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  1. Sharala 2 years ago

    Time will heal you !

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