How I wish you were strong enough to stay

How I wish you were strong enough to stay

How I wish you were strong enough to stay


Dear Stephen,

How i wish you weren’t so indecisive and so scared to man up and stay. You left without saying goodbye just because you thought we didn’t have any chances to be together. You gave up early just because you worry about being rejected. How i wish you held on a little longer and waited for me to open up and be ready. How i wish you were able to wait longer than a few weeks. How i wish you werent so confused about your own feelings that you made me feel confused too if you are still gonna be looking forward to a future together. How i wish i could have been ready by the time you were about to give up but feelings take time and i was scared. If you were there to assure you were gonna try to put up we could have been better than a fairytale. You cant just disappear just because you think youll get rejected anyway, without letting me know. How i wish you thought of how it feels like to be left wondering what was wrong. You blocked me then you just mesage me whenever you feel like it then disappear again. Don’t be such a coward and a flaky guy. You cant just return and leave whenever you want. You broke my heart multiple times. And now. All of the chances that we would meet each other again is almost impossible. Everything still hurts me. I hope youll soon realize. I hope you’re happy. I hope you’ll learn.


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