To my entitled, heartless, abusive ex

To my entitled, heartless, abusive ex

To my entitled, heartless, abusive ex


To my entitled, heartless, abusive ex,
I can’t help where I come from, I can only make my own path and be myself and learn from my childhood. I didn’t choose the life I was brought up in and I’m sorry u look down on it. I always knew u did but I thought love was stronger. Your 100% right when u say your life and family is better and that is why i wanted to be a part of it…you will never know the feeling of growing up without your parents together, explaining to EVERYONE why u live with your aunt and not mom and dad? where is your other siblings? Did your dad not want you? Where is your mom? Why did she leave you? Watching tv and wishing u could have a family like in the movies, or the families you see at the grocery store or the park, Getting calls and letters from jail for years. Always wondering where my mom was on the street, was she safe? Was she hungry? and if she ever thought about me as much as I thought about her. Being the oldest of the girls, I tried hard to answer all the questions they asked and to take care of them when my aunt worked, but when her job shut down and we moved to a new place and started over once again i had to explain my dysfunctional life and pray I would be accepted. Never having lost of money, single parent supporting 4 girls and a druggy abusive stepdad. Always falling behind in school because I couldn’t learn like the others, acting out and getting high and hurting people I loved…always running from something, trying to figure out who I was and who I was going to be. I’m still fighting my demons but I hope one day u can look at me without disgust and be proud of who I am inside and out as the mother of your son, ex girlfriend, lover, supporter, enemy whatever I am too you. I wish you well.


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