Thank you


Thank you for all the good and the bad memories. Thank you for showing me what you where and what you are now. Thank you for all the things we did together before it all changed. I wish you the best because you showed me that I’m stronger then I thought I was. I learned that i don’t need to rely on you, you where not the only one I had, and that I’m not the person that need you, you need me. You hurt me and lied about alot, you ruined myself image and they way i looked on everything but then you showed me that it was not just you it was us that ruined me. I lost myself in you. To much time was wasted making you happy. Then my daughter was in the picture and you where gone before she was even born. You showed me that i can care for her alone you showed me i was not the weak one but i was the strong. You left me alone to raise a child and i did she strong happy and loved. Then i made a mistake and late the toxic relationship we had back into my life and gave you a chance to hurt her and you did, but then you also pushed me into someone else arms and now thank you for this new life i have with them. I still miss the good time and I’m still hurting but i have to thank you for making me a better person because i don’t what to be like you.


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