Are you a vacation? Because you need to get away

Are you a vacation? Because you need to get away

Are you a vacation? Because you need to get away


You’d think after the numerous attempts to cut you out of my life, my unwillingness to get personal with you, and my decision to move on would be a hint. I don’t, and never will want to have anything to do with you. But nope. You headed me off every time I tried to leave. You emotionally and mentally manipulated me into staying.

Not because you loved me, but because you would miss your chew toy. One that wouldn’t speak up when her feelings were hurt. One that would wind up apologizing for being hurt by you. One that would fear making you upset. One that you could tear down whenever you were having a bad day.

Of course I left. Of course I moved on. And you have the gall to get upset with me? Because I was mad that you abused me? You got mad that I fell in love with someone who didn’t treat me like shit. You couldn’t handle that. Instead of changing yourself, you got mad at me for giving love a chance. Giving love a chance with someone who’s not you.

I’m not phased anymore by your anger attacks or threats of harm. All that matters is that I’m out of your life, and you’re out of mine. I want nothing more to do with you, and our relationship doesn’t exist anymore. I’m forgetting it all. It means nothing to me now. Good riddance, and don’t ever contact me again. If you try, I will report you to the police.

Leave. Me. Alone.


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  1. C. 3 years ago

    You have the situation confused. That would be the letter I should have written to you. However, I wouldn’t write such a letter to you because I know it won’t be felt by you. You are devoid emotion. If you look deep enough and use all your strength, you can pull yourself out. The real you. That is my wish for you.


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