To my ‘love’

To my ‘love’

To my ‘love’


Dear A It’s been 498 days since we broke up 2 whole years have come and gone just like our relationship. I haven’t dated or attempted to get back out there because i still have a small hope you’ll come back and everything will be okay but also because im afraid I’ll love someone and get hurt again. You found “the love of your life” or so it seems. You came to my house on what should of been our 3 year aniversy and cried in my arms over him and asked me if something was wrong with you i put on a macho man act and told you its not my concern about your life but what you dont know is i cried for hours knowing I’ve officially lost the love of my life. I wont make this super long because you’ve probally already stopped reading by now i would just like to say thank you for loving and supporting me for 2 years i hope you have a successful life and are surrounded by love.

Sincerely, your ex

P.s: To the man who ends up with this lovely woman please make sure she’s loved unconditionally and taken cared of. When she has a bad day make sure shes never alone and when she gets upset at you never let her go to sleep mad. Most importantly make sure you never lose her it will be the biggest loss of your life and you’ll regret it everyday of your life thank you.


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