Worst mistake of my life

Worst mistake of my life

Worst mistake of my life


Dear Cesare,

I wanted you to read this letter but you will never even try to understand how bad you did me. I am sure you will look back and regret one day that you lost the only person in the world that loved you so much that they let go of everything for you.

You cheated. You broke my heart. You crushed me to pieces so many times. You were so selfish it scares me. I never felt appreciated or loved with you. You made me feel so little and so insecure all the time. And when you were not doing that, you went and fully cheated on me.

I somehow forgave you again and took you back, you didn’t appreciate it. You lied again and again.

You had nothing, and I did not care. I did not care about a job, an education, money. Nothing really just you.

I hope you get what you deserve, thats all I wish for.


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