I’ll always love and miss you

I’ll always love and miss you

I’ll always love and miss you


To Daniel C.,
I know I messed up all the love we had and you’ll never speak to me again. What I did to you was wrong, f’cked up, and I was worse then all your exes. I’ve already regretted it and karma is hitting me hard. I’ve blamed myself throughout the entire 2 years of our toxic relationship with lies & excuses. I still wish we could’ve talked in person but seeing you will physically hurt me. I was dumb in love and just gave up on someone who truly loved me. I don’t need any pity, forgiveness, or anything else. I know you have let me go and you’ll hate me forever. I just want you to know that I wish you the best of luck in life and hopefully you’ll find a girl better suited for you then me. Thanks for being my first love. Take care. ❤ Forever and always, always and forever.


  1. Markiya 1 year ago

    you go girl

  2. elli 1 year ago

    hey, so sad story
    forgive him

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