Dear B

Sup B, writing this letter to the internet instead of sending it to you because I feel I’d never get the response I wanted out of you. Whats the point of an apology if you have to force the other person to give it. Let me start by just saying fuck you, fuck you for the mental anguish you put me through. I know you were depressed and hurt before so hurting me was probably so easy. I know because now if I ever hurt a girls feeling I don’t care, why would I when the only girl I really tried for left me in the rain.

But when I do meet that new girl who give me that same feeling you once gave me I don’t know what Im gonna do. My hearts gunna tell me to run and hide but hopefully I wont, and hopefully she wont either. I just hope she’s more caring than you were. I hope if she leaves me out in the rain she at leasts gives me a fucking umbrella before leaving.

I wanna know so many things, where I lost your love, if I ever had it in the first place or were you just trying to find a stepping stone to be happier with your life so you used me. I have no idea the answer to these questions and so many more, but I don’t know if I want to know. I know I could never love you the same way I once did and that fucking sucks, I would be trying to win you over now even if you hated me if I knew I could still love you like before, but I couldn’t even if I tried.

What I really want is for you to just text me one day, to check on me, just knowing you thought enough to hit me up would make me feel so much better. But you wont, and I wont which is why i’m typing this bullshit. Fuck you. They say everyday your suppose to be stronger but I see no logic in that. everyday I just forget a little, but eventually I remember. 🙁


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