My Last Piece For You

My Last Piece For You

My Last Piece For You

Dear Frenemy,
I know you know that you’ve hurt me, but please don’t be sorry. Because saving me was not your job anyway, my dear. What I gave you was a love not wanting for anything in return. An unconditional love. So please don’t be sorry.

So please understand if it might take too long to unlove you — to kill this feeling. Please don’t worry because I’m still trying. Trying hard everyday. Everynight. Mostly till midnight.

I think I was the most beautiful girl that day, if you only knew! The small efforts and little things I made for you will never ever happen again to anyone else. It was just for you, only you, who really deserved those things from me. Little memories that really brought me instant happiness. A happiness that once made me the most happiest girl in the world. Yes, it’s true.

My life will go on but you will forever linger in my memory. The little time spent with you will forever be cherished. Thank you so much for making me feel happy, especially when we’re together. It’s a good feeling, knowing that you are with the person who’s special to you. I really thank God those times.


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