I still love you

I still love you

I still love you

Dear ex,

I’m tired of feeling like this I had to leave you because I knew you cheated on me and when I asked you about it you jus tried hiding it. Then you had told me but I still felt some type of way. I really did love you but all you ever did was use me, after everything I did for you and gave to you I felt like you were pushing me to an extra level but it’s fine because I let you do whatever. I loved you and I still do. And I know you gave me time to think about it I still had to let you go. I didn’t want to. And still to this day I always just wanna run back to you. But I can’t cause u know I’ll hurt myself. And i know you still love me but i just don’t know how to feel maybe I’ll come back maybe I won’t but if anything, I hope life treats you well . I love u 🙁


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