Sweet Kyle

Sweet Kyle

Sweet Kyle

It’s been almost five years since we’ve broken up but my heart still hurts. I miss you so much. You were the best love and the one who always has my best intentions. You always made me feel loved and you made me the most happiest not once you made me cry during our relationship. You always lifted me up and always knew the ways to make me laugh. I miss the way you hugged and the way you kissed. Even though our relationship was long distance it didn’t matter to me because I knew I wanted to be with you. I loved you for you and never wanted you to changed.

You will always have a piece of my heart and I’m so thankful to have gotten to know you and even though we’re just friends it’s better than nothing but I still want you as my lover. Even when I try to get over you by dating this current guy, I don’t feel anything because I think of you. I wonder if you’re doing okay, I wonder if you have someone else, I wonder if you still think of me. I tell myself to forget you but my heart aches for you. The three years we had together were the best years of my life and I’m thankful to have known you when I needed to. Even though it’s been five years since our break up I still think of you. I will always love you my Ky-Ky, my Ky bear, my cutie. -Emi


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