Happy place

Happy place

Happy place


Dear Alex,

I wish you well. For the first time today at the lazer tag game how happy we were separate, apart from each other. We tried being friends but no matter what it was always hard. It’s time to just let it all go. What is there to hold on to, repair, or fix. Here’s nothing there. And I finally saw that today when Insaw you at the lazer tag game. We were both having fun with our own individual friends. Which we should. I doubt it if your friends want me around anyways. I know that our friendship is not a two way street and that its pretty obvious that it’s one sided.it was nice knowing you and getting to know you while it lasted. I’m sad, and I’m hurt to let you go but I’m act silly ready and know that it’s for the best. I know that you hardly reach out to me so this’ll be easy to just stop talking to you. Most of the time I’m the one texting or calling you to see what your up to anyways.

Love always,



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