LTME-postWe started as strangers, grew to be best friends, blossomed into a couple and now we’re back where we started again..

So I’ve lost you completely but before I go I just want to say thank you..

I want to thank you for the past year’s friendship, a year where I was happy and I could know there was someone there for me for those times when I needed advice, someone to talk to or at least just listen.. Thank you for your honesty, for everything you said and did that gave me the strength to push through my problems, thank you for you were my strength.

Thank you for helping me think clearly when I could not even hear my own thoughts, thank you for you were my clarity. Thank you for the times when you led me through all the hard times when I thought I was going to fade into the darkness, thank you for you were my light.

Thank you for making me laugh even when I didn’t want to, thank you for you were my happiness. Thank you for keeping me calm when I was losing my temper, thank you for you were my calmness. Thank you for bringing a bit of beauty back into my life.

Thank you for trying to teach me to be as strong as you, I will never be but thank you for trying to show me how. Thank you for all the memories with you upon which I can think back on and see how lucky I was as well as how blind I was.. Thank you for chasing away the negativities, you saved me, even if you didn’t know it.. Even if I didn’t realize it.

Thank you for you were my best friend, never again will I be able to be so close with someone as I was with you.. Jana thank you for showing me that there is still hope.. Thank you for protecting me, then and even now, in a way.. Thank you for you were my guardian Angel.

Thank you for teaching me how to love again after I gave up and forgot.. Jani thank you for everything you did for me, everything you meant to me and still do.

Yes you broke up with me and the reason for it I will never know but I know it made you want to give up on love.. I promise you, you will find love again for you do deserve it, as well as to escape all your heartache and sadness, you have the right to that. You still mean everything to me..

Everyone in your life will wake up and be there for you as they should be, I hope only it is before it is too late because if they lose their worlds are going to fall apart, I know this for mine is.. Everyone that has you in their lives should thank their stars for the honour of even knowing someone as indescribable as you and they should pray every day that the do not lose you.

Jani you are perfect in every single way and you should always remember that and never should you allow anyone to convince you otherwise for they only try to corrupt perfection because they are jealous.

Remember I will always be there for you if you need me, I lost the most important person in my life, I know that.. Jani thank you once again for everything. With this I end my letter, please promise don’t ever be sad or down again, I love you with all my heart!!!


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