The married boyfriend

The married boyfriend

The married boyfriend

LTME-postI knew it very well what i was getting myself into when i said yes for the second time; when i gave u the second chance – the one I’m not really sure if you deserved. i still have your texts till today…..! i still can’t believe you were married all along and i didn’t know a thing about all this dah am really hurt and broken. when you first came to pick me up it was magic i never had a boyfriend who handled me with care, opening the car door for me, holding my waist and hand so i wouldn’t fall when we get up the stairs, this was all a dream, most of all your goodbye kisses when you drop me off at home….. i used to feel like am in a fairytale story and wished that you were always mine though first time seeing you, you were with your girlfriend (wife) by that time we all knew she was just your gal, i didn’t know if we could even make stories most of all go in bed with me….! dah why aren’t you mine …?

when we started chatting in groups we turned out friends then you lied that you broke up but the truth was she traveled back to her country for the holiday…. i got used to you late night chats crazy chats, until one day when i was asleep heard my sister over the phone saying you got an accident, i couldn’t sleep till when you told me you weren’t hurt and no one knew about our relationship so i couldn’t start asking people how you were…. the following day i tried to come see you at your place after work, but you told me that you need to go to the beach cause you didn’t believe that you came out alive from the accident. i came with our friends without anyone knowing what we had in between, i got hurt seeing the way gals were all over you i jus had to pretend i never knew you. later on when i went home that’s when my sister told me you were going to the airport to pick up your wife that’s when you got the accident, but after all i never stopped caring and checking up on you i couldn’t ask i was afraid to loose you. until the last time we met where i asked you where do i stand then you said what my sister told me was a lie while it wasn’t then you said you will find time we talk but it passed a month or two i was jus there waiting for your call and text which you never checked up on me! the day you texted me telling the truth my heart melted cause i fell in love with a married man! whom obviously he will never be mine…..!

i still didn’t wanna give up on you, we went on.. but now i can’t continue am the one hurting here, i regret that i always fall in love deeply i forget that ur married at times i jus wanna cry. yesterday you sent me a text telling me i should move on my whole day felt like a month i didn’t know what else to do if i should cry out in tears in front of my boss or jus say i knew this would happen… i don’t know did you really love or you loved the sex, today i asked what you feel for me u said you liked me but you can’t push us far cause you will end up breaking my heart cause i knew you were married.

am still hurt….. i wish to get drunk so as i would cry till my tears dry out. i love u and will always do my ROZAY!

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  1. someone 7 years ago

    I been in a similar situation as you. I fell in love with a married man and months later after we were together i found out. It hurt but i still continued seeing him. Then we broke up after a year later of seeing each other.
    It hurt like hell all i did was cry this was back in 2013.
    After a year or so of being hurt and broken i finally met a man who is now my fiance. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never been happier as i am to this day.
    All the heartache i went through feels like nothing now. So don’t worry hun time will heal you just have to go through the stages of heartache and then it gets better, promise!
    Just think about his poor wife that she is married to a cheater like him. You got lucky he ended this it may not feel like it now but as time goes on you will realise this when you can think more clear. So cry it all out and have some me time.
    Good luck!

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