I forgive me

I forgive me

I forgive me


A part of me will always love you. I still remember the beginning of our relationship so vividly. It was amazing. I was so wrapped up in you. It was a wonderful feeling. That time will always be special to me. I am so happy I got to experience it. 

Our humor! Oh man, it was great. No one will ever get me quite like you did and even though we’ll both move on and find new partners and lovers… No one will replace me and no one will replace you. No one could. Along that same thread I cant replace whoever you find. 

It’s cliche but, maybe in a different time In a different place it could have worked. 

I’ve been working very hard in the past couple months to forgive myself. For losing you, for believing you, for being so incredibly dumb, and occasionally mean. I’m only human. In order to move on I have to forgive myself and open up to the possibilities. I imagine you have already moved on and rarely think about me but that’s probably my fears speaking. 

I want to forgive you. Breaking up with me over messenger, making me get my things without you, not saying anything in person… That was hurtful. I am worth more. 

Hopefully writing this will give me the closure you never did. At times I am a great person, and I am going to work every day discovering more of her. I don’t bear you any ill will. Good luck out there.


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