It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap


The End…well. The fact that we have children together will tie us together forever, much to my dismay. Though, the children are beautiful and a blessing I would rather have nothing whatsoever to do with you from this point on. And how sad and absolutely debilitating that feeling is.
How do you go from loving with all your heart to nothing but resentment and sadness that you allowed that person into your heart in the first place?
It sometimes seems unbelievable that you can grow up with, move from school, to travel, to careers, to marriage, to children and then seemingly have nothing.
I want to say how much you hurt me by your lies, your cheating and then your dismissal of how your actions affected my heart, body and soul and even more than that I want to say how completely heart wrenching your selfishness was for our children.
I do not wish you well and this is also a deep and disturbing effect of letting someone completely obliterate the goodness you know you had inside and want so very much to return but realistically we are all victims of our circumstance and though we may strive to regain our true self in the aftermath, it remains that we will be that person forever chasing what has long gone.

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  1. Renee K Brasier 3 years ago

    I know EXACTLY how u feel❤

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