You probably will never see this.  I want to say I’m sorry if i hurt you. The truth is, i was a coward to tell you over the phone that, i don’t think i completely love you like you do. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have ended things with you. I truly want time for myself to grow as a person and to love myself. When i got in a relationship with you, i never would have thought it’d be this serious. I didn’t know what i was getting myself into. Despite the distance, i know you’re a good person and i could trust you. You were always honest with me, and i wasn’t.  

I couldn’t be myself with you, i couldn’t show you my true self without having to worry if you were going to think wrongly of me. I always had that thought. I couldn’t show you how i live because i was never that comfortable. I think if you truly love someone you should be yourself 100%. I wasn’t.  Maybe you were, you loved me more than i did. I’ll miss talking to you, I’ll miss your voice. I know this is for my best though. I hope you can find someone who truly loves you for you. Someone who genuinely feels happy for you, and loves you to death. You deserve nothing but the best, i mean that. I hope i can find myself that someone for me, who loves me and who i can feel and be myself around with.  I really want that for myself. Okay -I truly hope you find happiness. Sincerely, from Luna.


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