Someone that I used to know

Someone that I used to know

Someone that I used to know

Today was possibly one of the saddest day of my life so far. We saw each other, finally, after 3 weeks after our break up and all my healing process from this broken heart just went out the window. I still love you but I can tell.. you moved on. People think its easy to just “move on”… but the hardest part is trying to stop me from thinking that someone else is in my place that I was in 3 weeks ago and you will love again. You have been there with me since the beginning when I moved to a different state which was a horrible experience and a very dark time in my life BUT YOU.. YOU were right there with me. Keeping me company thousands miles away and experiencing that chapter of my life with me. We texted, and facetime every minute of the day everyday. We had goals.. to start a family, a life, move in together.. but we couldn’t even last 6 months after I moved back.

I miss you! I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH! And its so hard because I know you moved on and I am alone. Alone with no one to talk too about the things we use to talk about. How can you give up on us? HOW? This pain hurts so bad. I want you here with me…  But it seems that I wasn’t worth the fight. You gave up because you are weak but THIS IS IT! Today was my last time seeing you in possibly forever. I appreciate you for experiencing the past years with me and supporting me throughout my new job and new chapter but now we rip this chapter out. You were the best and healthiest relationship I had and I appreciate everything. You taught me patience, you made me realize that I have a lot to work on myself, you taught me trust, and now I cant believe that you are now someone that I use to know. We had so much fun☹ together aside from the arguments.. Anyways.. This is it. This is the end of our chapter.

I love you! Take Care! 

-Your Ex

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  1. chims 2 months ago

    hope you’ll do better in the future luv<3 ik how it feels and im still in the prosses of moving on from my ex that ive like for 9 years and its hard but keep ur heads up you still have a long way to go! theres always someone waiting to be with you!

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