Thank you for being my first love

Thank you for being my first love

Thank you for being my first love

Thank you. Thank you for being my first love. You saw my heart in a light that no one else ever will. I gave you my whole, unbroken and pure heart… and I would do it all over again. That kind of love is once in a lifetime. It’s a love with so many expectations, and yet, you met all of them. It was pure magic. You were my best friend. You know me in a way that no one else ever will. Because now I’m different, I’ve grown. We’ve grown. And while we may not grow together now, you are the reason I will continue to grow.

You kept my teenage ambition alive, and now I get to go into the world with that same excitement for life because you taught me that I deserve every ounce of happiness. Our love was not perfect, but because of you I know that my expectations are never too high. That I should pour my whole heart into everything that I love. And while my heart may be scarred, it is not broken. Because for 2 years you showed me passion, trust, commitment, and most importantly, what I’m worth. And because of that, it doesn’t hurt to remember you. You were pure gold, and you deserve every good thing that comes your way. 

I will never stop loving you, but I hope that we both find loves that are greater, because that’s what we both deserve. ❤️

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  1. peachy 2 months ago

    This is sweet

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