Dear ex boyfriend and best friend

Dear ex boyfriend and best friend

Dear ex boyfriend and best friend

Hello ! How are you? It’s been 7 months. Remember when we used to talk everyday? because i remember everyday we used to talk and tell each other we love each other despite the distance we had to face everyday. I still remembered the time i came to visit and we had our 1 year anniversary together! I really loved the way you held hands and just talk about life… I missed everything we did together but hey! you have someone better now. I’m also doing better except I’m still dealing with stuff. Just so you know that i still care for you and i hope you do better in life, I’m sorry i couldn’t help with your mental issues. I’m sorry i couldn’t be there with you but i hope you have a better life. I’m grateful for every sweet memories we had, I’m glad I met you in kindergarten. I love you and stay safe.

— your ex bestie


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