To my 2nd chance

To my 2nd chance

To my 2nd chance

Our story started off like any fairytale. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl and they get together. When you approached me that day in February, called me beautiful and asked for my number I was so elated. You were so kind and respectful. Then we hung out the next day and it was like we had known each other forever. Telling jokes and breaking the wine bottle open because you did not have a cork screw. I instantly felt comfortable with you. I confided in you about my previous heartbreak and how it left me scared to let anyone else in. You insisted that you had no intentions of hurting me and that you would cherish me. I was skeptical because everything seemed to be moving fast and I did not want to get hurt. But eventually I let you in.

After our first time hanging out, it turned into us hanging out everyday. And everyday I got closer to you and more comfortable with you. I thought I knew you. You were always so nice, patient and respectful. So then I fell. I let you in and finally said yes to being your girlfriend. And like all love stories go it was perfect in the beginning. It was great until it wasn’t.

Soon I went from talking to you all the time to only sparingly. You became less available to me. You started to become meaner and overall seemed disinterested. I kept asking you if you cared still and still wanted this because it seemed like you didn’t. Something in my gut was telling me that you were cheating but I guess I did not want to believe it. But as usual my gut was right, you were. I confronted you and you acted like you did not care. Like I never knew you at all. It was a completely different person. You acted as if we had nothing and everything was lies. Like WTF.

But it is cool, unlike the last guy who broke my heart, you do not have that much control over me. Yes I’m sad but i am not destroyed like before. This just has pushed me to be the best me I have ever been. And I will do all this to show you I am not the piece of shit you tried to treat me like. Fuck you Cory.


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