I am mad, so I got it off my chest

I am mad, so I got it off my chest

I am mad, so I got it off my chest

Im letting this all out. Because you have hurt me so much and I still manage to love you to death. Liam. Right now I wish I never ever met you. I wish all the memories of us just never happened and you were never in my life. Because you have hurt me so badly and I don’t deserve it. I have done nothing to you, I have been there for you the whole time. I have waited and given you million of chances.

I don’t deserve for you to play with my feelings every. Single. Day. It really affects me, It makes me overthink so much and I go to bed with red sore eyes because of you. your excuse is that you have stuff going on in your family, but that does not mean it has to affect me. you should be able to keep that with yourself and control yourself. But no, you have to go out whenever something happens and make me feel worthless. Because I do, every time you block me I cry myself to sleep. Because I know I did nothing and that we just got set back from being on good terms. It always happens, whenever were nearly there you do something.

All I try to do is respect you and give you want you want. But you turn around and fully use it against me. I care about you so god damn much but the things you do to me are so rude. I don’t even know why I don’t hate you yet. You have proper ruined my life. And I know that on Thursday you’re going to turn around and talk to me in graphics and be all nice. And I know that i’m going to respond and be happy. but I really shouldn’t because I keep falling for your stupid tricks that just lead me further and further into a pit of hatred. A pit of hatred for myself, because you have made me feel like I am the most awful girl in the world and that nobody’s going to like me.

You have said some things that make me feel like whenever I get my next boy he’s going to immediately lose feelings because of how clingy I am. You put in so many red flags, but I ignore them. I really shouldn’t, but it’s a habit I cant fix. And i’ve said this many times but I just wish you never walked into my life. Because you ruined it. Now I cant go a day without crying about you. it breaks my heart. And nobody’s ever there to help me.

You know you were the only one who I really trusted, you know I have a lot in my life, but now If I were to come to you, you would laugh and send it to you friends. I hate that we made so many amazing memories, but now your just the opposite of what I thought you were. You used to be so funny, nice and kind. Now you’re the complete opposite. I hope that girl breaks your heart. I really do. You deserve it after what you have done to me, and I don’t regret typing this at all. So please never come into my life again and stay away from me at school. Don’t try hurt me again. I’m weak enough.


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