Dear Alex, I’ve always thought our relationship fit into the category of ‘right person, wrong time’, I’m yet to believe that that didn’t exist between us. We understood each other and were a perfect balance. We were just too different. I know this is better for both of us and that we have to grow as people before we can love others. I wish one day we can meet when we are both ready and who knows? We may finally be able to conclude whether we can be friends or lovers. 

I wished we met when we were older and then we could get married and not have to deal with all those immature and silly fights. I know I’m not perfect but we can both agree we came into each other’s lives when none of us was prepared. That was the beauty of it. 

I fell in love and it was amazing and meaningful, however, I’ve learnt that the form of love we designed was one that wasn’t healthy for either of us. I love you and I will always love you. I wish you the best and I hope you become the man that YOU want to be.


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