Infinity and beyond

Infinity and beyond

Infinity and beyond

It’s crazy how you were able to forget me just like nothing. I lost so much for you. I lost friends, hobbies and my moms trust…just to make you happy.  I hate that I was so in love with you, I never once thought you would lie to my face like that. You told me we’d get back together after the 6 months I had to take away from you. Yet you quickly moved on. Worst part is I had to find out on my own about her. The whole time you swore it was just and me letting time do its magic. I don’t get why you didn’t just tell me..maybe because you wanted me as back up? Most likely but either way, what a messed up move.

I think it hurt more simply because I let you deeply into my life. You met my mom and even my grandma and not just anyone meets her. I even met yours….we I got along with your sister and nephews so well. When I was with you, it all felt so perfect. I had never had this connection with anyone. And now all that is gone. A part of me hates you for all the crying you caused me but another part will forever love you for being my first to many amazing things.

I just want to think that things happen for a reason and perhaps you were never meant for me. I am far too mature and sweet for you. One day you’ll back and realize we could have blossomed but until now, i’ll be blossoming with out you forever…to infinity and beyond my first love.


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