For my muse

For my muse

For my muse

Dear A. 

I’ve been thinking us and what we used to be.
All the jokes
The shared laughter. 
The constant talk of the future. 
I’ve been thinking what it all meant.
It’s been only half a year and it seems that both of us have grown exponentially.
I’d be lying if I say that I didn’t miss you. Of course I do. 
You were the best part of my existence.
You were the love of my life. 
Every moment with you was amazing and pure.
I just wished it had lasted longer. 
I wish we had enough time. 
But one can only do so much.
I know that you are moving forward now and making your own path. I’m proud of you and I will be doing the same as well. 
It’s time I move forward too. 
The few months we had will always be remembered fondly and you will always occupy a little space inside of my heart. 
You have made such an impact in my life and I am very very grateful for that. 
Wherever you go.
Whoever you become.
Just know that I am constantly wishing you happiness and peace
I hope you do well in your life and I hope you achieve all the things you want to achieve.
Thank you once again…
for everything.
Your friend, M.


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