I just have to ask

I just have to ask

I just have to ask

You got a new girl. I didn’t think it would hurt this much. After 5 months, and 2 without talking, it still hurts so much. But i just have to ask, does your mom and dad like her as good as they liked me? When you facetime does your brother come into your room just to talk to her as he did with me? Does she make you happy? Have you forgotten about me, us? I saw her wearing your fav hoodie… the one i used to wear, i cried a little.

You seem to have moved on, that’s good for you. I still think about us, what we could have been if covid didn’t come. Its good that you don’t cause it hurts to think about it all the time, it hurts too miss you. So even though I’m sad you don’t think about me, or talk to me anymore, I’m happy, happy that you don’t feel the kind of pain i feel all the time. Happy that you don’t thin about us every time you go somewhere we have been. I’m happy that you are happy, or at least I’m trying to be:)


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