I miss him

I miss him

I miss him

I miss you why? idk i’m sorry for wasting 4 months of your life pretty sure i wasn’t the girlfriend you wanted and i’m sorry. i tried being enough but i guess i wasn’t that’s why you left. i understand but i still wish you’d come back i cant find someone like you. i keep looking to see if someones like you but no your the only person that has made me feel this way.

You were my first love but i wasn’t yours and idk what to do its been a year i feel so stupid for still liking you but i do and you don’t like me. we still talk but idk why you still text me. its hard texting u bc i still have feelings. idk what ima do but i want to move on but i just don’t know how to.

You’ve literally made me miserable. i’m always crying and sometimes i cant even cry. i’m such a different person now and i kinda hate the new me. you made me nicer now. i’m even mean to you sometimes and i feel bad for being mean but you really hurt me like so much. i’m really sorry for being so annoying all the time i just miss you.

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  1. jocelyn 4 months ago

    dear Roger,
    I’m sorry things had to end the way they did. i just want you to know I miss you more than anything, i know its been almost a year since we broke up, but i love you still, I know you are happier with someone else and i’m glad someone makes you happy, you deserve to be happy. even if its not with me… but remember that I love you and always will…

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