Some unspoken words

Some unspoken words

Some unspoken words

All i want to ask is when did you realize you don’t love me anymore? Was it really my fault? i don’t think so otherwise you would have the courage to look into my eyes and tell the truth. because deep down even you know that i don’t deserve what you did to me. I don’t even know why you left me… maybe you got someone new? what? what’s the reason? you simply chose to abandon me. 

But you know what? its okay. 
I love you. even though you hurt me. i don’t know will i ever able to gather the courage to face you. i know i will breakdown crying. the only thing i don’t want to do. seeing you walking across the corridors of the college with that cute little dimple of yours. ( the one on your left cheek <3) laughing and joking around with your friends in the parking lot. lounging around the mess eating your favourite food.

I will miss you. its been 1 month since you chose to breakup. but i don’t know why i cant get you out of my mind. so silly of me, right? but i know that you will never come back to me. that i have to cross the roads alone. that i have to order single oreo shake for me sitting at our favorite cafeteria. that there will number of people asking why we are not together but i am ready to face all of them.

Don’t worry I will never blame you. you will always be the ” NICE GUY” . Always. for them and for me. Goodbye


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