Absolute blessing

Absolute blessing

Absolute blessing

Hey babe, 

If you stumble across this letter, your an absolute blessing! 

By pulling down the barrier I had been hiding behind for yrs, I was forced to confront a lot of issues. Clearly many I wasn’t ready to deal with, but thank you. Thank you for ignoring the msgs, I realised long after the fact, i may have been explaining things to you, but it also became a place to let it all out knowing I wasn’t going to get a reply. I really hope you didn’t read many, you don’t need that in your head. I guess I wasn’t just protecting you after all. Hopefully it wasn’t to annoying for you

Unfortunately tho here’s the part I hate….. you and the past are now intertwined. One doesn’t come to mind without the other. I can no longer compartmentalise the two. I really wish I could think about you and smile but it just doesn’t work that way anymore. I hope one day that does change, but just in case it doesn’t. You were truly loved. 

Take care babe


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