What happened to us?

What happened to us?

What happened to us?

You were my sun, I was your moon. We was like an unstoppable detective couple. I fell in love with everything, every quirk, every awkward smile. The way you made me feel like I was a superhero, and oh how everything changed…
I saw all the red flags but I ignored them because I wasn’t perfect. Everyone has their own issues but oh how you made it all about me, you couldn’t understand why I got upset about not communicating properly and having basic respect. You stood on all my boundaries and I second guessed myself and my gut feelings, you told me you were going to try and be better..

Oh how I believed you. I wanted to believe everything you told me but I just couldn’t. Your actions and words never matched up, you became distant with me and I thought I did something wrong. You played push and pull with me because of your own insecurities and that made us worse. 

I know I need to let you go. You’re a drug I just can’t stop taking. I wish we had more time together I really do. I really love you, I wanted it all to work out. And I’m sorry we never did. But I wanted to say we was young. We had to change at some point..I’m sorry for all the pain I caused, I never wanted it that way and I know you fell the same. I hope you find someone to make you as happy as I once did. I love you.


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