A letter to me and to you

A letter to me and to you

A letter to me and to you

If I could tell you that the people who surround you are not your real friends, JDG, and who I mean are your friends from your gig. They care only of themselves and backstab you behind your back. One of them had the audacity to stalk my social media and my mothers. He never reached to contact me but strange enough that if they were your true friend they would have taken me away from their followers list after you and I broke up. And not stalk me like a creep.

Real friends would tell you the harsh truth and would do their best to protect you from harm. They on the other hand clap for your injuries and errors in your gig. They lead you to the darkest and addicting places where there are only there to see your downfall. You have told me that they are not ones to trust and are jealous individuals so why do you keep engaging with them?. Considering them your friends?. It’s hard enough to find good people in this world let alone you decided to continue having those fake friends in your life. If I could tell you how much it breaks my heart for you to not see what I see in them. 

Just wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for getting rid of you like how you said. I’m sorry for leaving you in the dirt like how you said. I’m sorry for being myself and too comfortable with you that I took advantage. In our relationship, it wasn’t just you who was at fault, it was mine too. I should haven’t had my insecurities projected to you. I remember times where you would be playing around being the silly goof that you are and me getting upset for every little thing that you didn’t take serious. The seriousness I was talking about were minor talks that weren’t as serious as one would propose. They were unnecessaries arguments honestly on my side. Silly me, those times I got upset lead me to not talk to you for a day or two. You were right I don’t know how to take a joke lol. I am sorry for doing that to you. I felt guilty before and now as I am writing this to you. Just wanted to say sorry for making you feel confused and stranded when I projected my insecurities to you. 

I wish you well in your 2024 life. I hope you continue doing your gig for as long as your body can take. Don’t strain yourself trying to be strong. One needs its rest too. Make sure to pour yourself medications on your aching body when it hurts. Continue to eat a lot like how you would eat at my house. Continue to pray for every church we passed by, the food you ate, and to God too. Continue to take care of yourself, don’t sleep with the fan on at night cause you’ll get sick silly. And you don’t want to end up in the hospital.

Continue to be the silly goof that you are but don’t be afraid to grow as a person. It’s not going to hurt you. Only if you let it. Continue to make new friends and talk to strangers like how you have always done. Continue to look for a better job and work on your education. Don’t give up. God will bring you your gifts. Continue to be close to your family and friends who love you. Don’t isolate yourself please. Continue to be a better version of yourself because we all grow from one year to the next. Continue to fall in love again. Don’t be afraid to love someone else. Trust me it would hurt if you don’t let yourself to love. And continue to let the light enter your life. Don’t let darkness take you. Cause you are a sweet and funny human being who is worth of belonging in the light. You aren’t a bad person JDG, you made errors in our relationship as much as I did too. That’s part of being human. That’s part of being in a relationship.

Take care, may God and St. Jude bless you. I love you. Bye.


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