To Patrick

LTME-postDear “P”,

It’s been 7 months since we “broke” up. When I said I wanted to take a break, I never mentioned that I wanted to “break up” and you kept on seeing it that way. Then when we tried to be friends, when I gave you the middle finger as a joke in front of our friends, you said, “That was the last straw I am beyond angry. I don’t want to have any contact with you after this. This will be the last time we ever talk. You need to accept that I don’t want you in my life.” As the months passed by, I realized slowly that you are very egotistical and you did not know my personality. You need to understand that I was joking, and you overreacted so much. Then you said that I created an awkward work environment for everyone when I gave you the middle finger. That is your reality, which did not happen. You thought that everyone would not see me the same when I did the gesture. The true reality is that the work environment was not affected at all because of it. It was just in your mind. If you say that you are “mature” person that you are, you wouldn’t have said that. Also, another thing that I realized was that you give yourself ego boosts from time to time. For example, I heard from my best friend that you said to her, “I’m mature. My parents say I am.” You don’t go around saying you’re mature, and then show the complete opposite. You told me that you are the more mature one. Well, from what I’ve experience from you, you are really immature. You even said to my friend, “I am the more careful one out of both of us.” That is what we call an ego boost, and you do this to yourself to raise your pride. Every time we got into a fight you would tell my friend to go see me because you did not want to deal with me, and you said the reason was that you did not want to me near me. Is that really what a mature person would do in a fight? A mature person would not even say, “Just drop the subject. This is going no where.” I realized that the entire time, the relationship was toxic, and if I did not give you what you wanted, you would get mad. Especially when you said, “If I don’t see progress I am setting my mind straight.” That was the reason why I could not stand you any longer, and that was the reason why I wanted to take a “break” which you interpreted as a “break up.” You kept saying, “A break is a break up.” And if one does not agree with you, you would drop the subject. I am not going to change how I am to accommodate your needs. And how dare you say “You need to accept that I don’t want you in my life” due to something that I did not mean. We will still be working in the same environment, and even though you said you’d keep it professional, I can still see the anger and negativity in your eyes when I pass by you. You just keep being negative and keep holding a grudge for as long as you can. So I am going to give you a taste of your own medicine. I don’t need someone like you to be in my life, especially if you give yourself ego boosts and says that you are mature because your parents said so. Grow up.


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