Your love hit me harder than you ever did

Your love hit me harder than you ever did

Your love hit me harder than you ever did

Dear “nerd”,

You broke me. I knew I could never hurt you, and I thought you felt the same. But clearly I was mistaken. But honestly babe you breaking up with me made me while after you had shattered my heart. 

I loved you from the second I saw you. You walked into that room and I just knew. And every day that i knew you I loved you more and more. But then, you told me no. Not because of what you truly felt but the pressure of society made you shove our love down back into your overalls. That was the first time that you, “nerd,” broke my heart.

Now I will tell the story of the second time you broke me heart. You came back. And you loved me. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop our love from blossoming not even my boyfriend. Yeah, Oliver still doesn’t know that I am gay. The sad thing is … that you would be more mad that I cheated on him than…he would be mad at me. You told me you would but I thought you wouldn’t. You did it. You shook my hand… and effectively broke my heart. But even though you told me that that handshake would be our parting touch, you stuck around,

We hardly talked for three weeks but then the notifications on my phone soon became my favorite sound. Counting down the days until you came home to me was the most exciting and painful times of my life. When you came to visit I skipped everything for you. i skipped my last homecoming in all of high school. You knew…no…you KNEW how much that meant to me. During the two minutes that I was away from you during that weekend, I cried my eyes out in the bathroom because I missed you so much and also because I literally had brain damage (Lol yeah you remember from when you hit me).

The third time you broke my heart, you didn’t just break it. You crushed it. I can never watch that movie again. But thank you. Thank you because it was a bad movie. And so were you. You were like a bad version of the Great Gatsby. All I was to you was Daisy. I wasn’t Anna. I’ve found myself now. You never got to meet the real me. I wish you could have. I still believe in 5 years we will find each other again. We will get married. And it will be good. And there will be no clock. 

I know you probably won’t remember so much of this relationship. Because of your debilitating memory loss. From when I hit you back. 

I hope you never got that DD8.

Not yours,


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