I’m happy you are back with your greatest love

I’m happy you are back with your greatest love

I’m happy you are back with your greatest love

Hi Jobet my love,

1 month after our breakup, you broke me again. You made sure that i’m shattered into pieces. We were back together for a week but little did I know you are talking to Carla already. You didn’t tell me that you guys are talking to each other and you sugarcoated everything. You even told me day before that you can’t last a day without talking to me and you wanted to be friends so that we can still talk everyday even if it is just small talks. But, I can’t accept the fact that you planned to have a child and live with me under one roof.

Then, January 4 came you told me hurtful phrases and words. You made me feel so low, obsessed, and  insecure. You praise your ex like she is a perfect person, you told me that no matter what I did in our relationship I will never be able to reach her, to reach the love that you have for her. You told me she was your greatest love and even if she cheated on you, you are willing to go back. You are willing to change for her, and shut my face with words ” you are mad because I didn’t choose you” and yes I am mad, heartbroken and sad. The things that you told me will be living on my mind rent free. It will stay in my mind forever.

Thank you for hurting me more, thank you for telling me that you tried loving me but you didn’t and those dreams of having a family? it is not with me, that was your dream for you and her. You tried to place me there but you can’t. sorry for keeping you for a year, you could’ve told me earlier our relationship so that I know that i’m being used. 1 year is a long time and that was really hard to forget. the pain that you gave me is really hard to heal.  You know what love? I’m tired to fight for us even if there is a part of me that you told me that because you want to hurt me. And, my mind and heart says I can’t win in this fight because she is your greatest love, she is your first love and I’m just the girl you used to be okay the girl who tried to be her, the girl who was selfish and a bad girl because i’m toxic.

I hope that you are happy with her, wishing both of you happiness and success in the future even if I know you will be happy even if you won’t be successful because you are with her. Sorry for trying to win you back last December ok? I regret that already because it gave me more pain, the pain the both of us suffer. sorry for being selfish and close minded. sorry for everything. I’m going to pray for my healing process and pray that we forget each other.


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