I’m still in love with you

I’m still in love with you

I’m still in love with you

My dearest Timothy,

Hello love. It’s been six months and I’m still hopelessly in love with you. We gave it a good run; our year and four months of dating. Quite honestly, I never saw the breakup coming. I thought for sure we were soulmates.. I still do think that. TJ, I can’t sleep at night. Or be alone for too long, because all I can think about is you. Every day I pray to God that he will give you back. You couldn’t care less about me, I believe. You never answer my texts and you blocked me on Facebook. Have you forgotten how happy we made each other?

So many people ask me what happened between us, and I tell them that you wanted to look at colleges, and didn’t want to get too tied down. When in reality, I think you broke up with me because of me hanging with Yorich, your best friend. I did develop feelings for him, I will be honest. At first, I thought the breakup was needed.. We needed some space for a bit. I never thought that ‘space’ would be like this though. Yorich was never you. First of all, he basically asked me out as soon as you dumped me.

He knew I didn’t have time to grieve.. He’s an asshole. But I was desperate for love and I agreed to date him. I don’t regret the time I’ve spent with him, but I do regret catching feelings for him. At night, you were still the only one for me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep till the wee hours in the morning, because I still loved you. From the moment I found you on Facebook, I fell in love. I’m still in love with you, bubbs. You mean the world to me and I can’t function without you here. You gave me genuine happiness- something I rarely knew before. Thank you for being in my life so long, please come back soon bud :’/


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