You, me and the museum

You, me and the museum

You, me and the museum

Ah my first love. It took me so long to find you. But then, after some searching there you were on september 1st. 2012. I’ve spent that whole day with a stranger who later on told me he still kept his ticket to the museum as a memory. You were the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.

Everything was “perfect” until a year and a half later. That dreadful november 30th. When my heart was broken. I felt it coming days before. I was already mentally prepping myself for what was to come. After it happened I was completely and totaly lost. I lost myself…

And you never knew… How I cared about you…How I actually did love you…Maybe I didn’t know either, but it’s all too late now. And that’s okay. Didn’t really seem like you would care anymore anyway.

But sometimes, I’m just scared I will never find someone as good as you. Sometimes I’m afraid I will never be with someone who understands me so well. Who adores me as much.

This is foolish i know. We we’re meant to be for as long as we were.

But here’s the thing; I do hope you still have your museumticket. And everytime you look at it, you get chills because you realize what you’ve lost…



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