Hey Michael, 
It’s been five years since we have been together. For three years i thought about you every minute of the day, I dreamt about you all the time. I haven’t dated since then I’ve been with men in a sexual way but nothing more I haven’t loved anyone the way I loved you.

In 2019 I thought I was completely over you, I thought about you maybe once a week if even. I was seeing a guy and I had tried so hard to make myself think I was in love with him so that I could forget you and it worked for 8 months, then one day I just asked myself do I really like this guy do I see a future with him and the answer was no I didn’t, I didn’t love him.

For a while I was fine it wasn’t until summer of 2020 that I had started to miss you again. I had just finished college and I had no Idea what I was doing with my life, no job no home to go back to and for some reason i thought about you and ever since I have been thinking about you everyday.

It is now January 2021. Almost six years since I have last seen you and I still miss you til this day. Yesterday was the first day in three years that I cried over you and I hated it. I even begged God to heal me, I’m not even a religious person. I was hoping maybe if I wrote this I would finally be able to close this chapter, finally move on with my life. I love you Michael, a part of me always will.

Love, Mary


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