2 my sweet Boy :”(

2 my sweet Boy :”(

2 my sweet Boy :”(

I never had a good life but U made it feel like everything was perfect. you changed so much 4 me. U made me feel like maybe i had a purpose. 
i told you i would love U 4ever & i promise i still do. with all my heart.

plz tell me ur still mine. in my head we are still happy together. in my head i fight for my life to not let go of u even though its time to. i cant bring myself to reality like your actually gone Baby .. that killz me so much. 

Everything reminds me of u. i see a cool car & i think to myself , oooh He would like that one. when i hear certain songs it literally hurts me so much. when i hear No Ones Gonna Love You it kills me bc remember? that was our “wedding” song Haha.

i miss when you would call me in the middle of the afternoon just to tell me little things or 2 take a nap together, it made me so happy. when i’m lacing my shoes it reminds me of when you called me to show me how to do it. u kept getting mad bc i would do it wrong. i loved it.

right before i lay down to sleep , i think of those times that u would play songs on your guitar while i was laying down. i felt so safe when u did that & i miss getting that feeling. plz can we do it all 1 more time? 

i know that right now we’re still young & we have our whole life ahead of us but don’t u think we can find each other later on? don’t u think we can still work this out? this can’t be the end of our time together My Love, we still have so many things to do. please tell me you’ll wait.

i love U unconditionally dude i would do anything to hold u N tell u we will make it out of this together. how selfish of me though right? 2 ask you to wait 4 me? maybe i don’t want U to wait for me. i don’t want U to miss any opportunities & i want u to have fun in this life, make it worth living. U can do it baby ur so good at the things u do. ur gonna be something so big 1 day & i am so proud of U . 

i Miss you more & more as the days go by
& iLoveu forever


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  1. BrieSinx 3 years ago

    </3 *cryingg

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