To an old friend

To an old friend

To an old friend

Dear J,

I don’t want to say I miss you, but I do. I don’t miss our relationship, I miss our friendship. I look bad on everything I did and said and honestly regret every decision I made. I wasn’t a mature person, and I constantly beat myself up over everything I did. I wish that the friendship never turned into a relationship. While I enjoyed our short time together, the friendship we had before everything happened beat everything else. I miss having a friend like you.

These days, I have almost no one that I can talk to the same way I did you. I hear through T how your life is going and I wish I never messed up as bad as I did so I could’ve been there for you the same way you were there for me when I went through something similar. I wish that I could’ve been there for you through everything you could’ve gone through. Friend, I miss you, and I always will. I hope that maybe one day we can become friends again, but I know that will probably never happen. I wish I could say thank you to you for being there for me always. I know it won’t happen, but just know I wish you well. I miss you, J.

your tough cookie


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