Golden girl

Golden girl

Golden girl

It’s been three months, three months without you in my life. You told me you loved me but those feelings quickly faded away. Did you mean what you said that night? Why did you lie to me? You told me you didn’t like her but you left me for her. What does she have that I don’t? She’s a blonde princess and I know she brings music into your life. Her hair floats right above her shoulders when it is not put up and every time you see her smile your heart beats faster. I, on the other hand…have messy brown hair and brown eyes. I am just like every other girl but you made me feel special for a couple of months. But one day you came home and barely spoke. I could only hear your voice late at night. It was eleven past nine and you were talking about the beauty in her eyes because she had been in the back of your mind all day long. 

I still can’t believe I saved my nights for you while you were thinking about her all along. I remember the stars cheering us on but just like you the moon left too, so now my nights feel empty down our favorite avenue. But I don’t want to look at the stars anymore. The devil put them on my ceiling when God came to visit. Unlike most stars, the light won’t make me whole. You tore me apart and ripped me to pieces but I met someone who put them back together. It still hurts though, I miss you; I miss who you were when I first met you but that person doesn’t exist anymore. You left me wounded, alone, and to be eaten alive but I won’t let this pain consume me so I’ll go. Where? I don’t know but I’ll go if I have to, to stay away from you.


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