Thank you for breaking my heart

Thank you for breaking my heart

Thank you for breaking my heart

I am hesitant to address you by name because you do not deserve to even be acknowledged by me at this point, you are something I wish I could wipe from my memory completely. Well here we go…

You are a despicable human being, you are a flaming idiotic narcissist who takes advantage of vulnerable women. Loving you was a complete and utter waste of my time. You stole everything from me, my confidence, happiness, and my faith in humanity. I wasted 3 years of my life with you only to be abused, s*****ly assaulted numerous times, lied to and gaslit every day. I WAS NOT THE PROBLEM, your narcissism and inflated sense of self-worth, obvious anger issues, immaturity, and alcoholism were the issues.

I was never perfect and I do not pretend to believe that I did everything right in our relationship. But that was no excuse to treat me the way you did. If I am being brutally honest, it amazes me how you manage to date women who are 1098363 times more attractive than you, and taller than you. You’re a liar and disgusting human being who is deeply insecure for having the freaking audacity to blame me for YOU cheating on ME, you are weak person, I will not say you are a man because you are the farthest thing from a “real man”. NEWS FLASH!!!! Real men do not hit, punch, abuse, degrade, and gaslight women. And please stop lying when you say you respect women because you have proven time and time again that you are incapable of viewing women as human beings.

You disgust me, and I hope you know everyone knows all the horrendous crap you did to me. While you may not have to be in jail for it or answer it, you will one day. And you have the legitimate audacity to think you have a chance with me, the best thing and only good thing you ever did was break my heart. So thank you for hurting me emotionally and physically, and helping me to realize what I deserve in a real man unlike you. Have fun telling your future girlfriend that I was psycho and crazy, she will see through your lies and bullshit. You should come with a big warning flashing sign. Thank you for destroying me so I became stronger, independent, and MUCH MUCH happier since you have been out of my life. I am so thankful I cut you off, and blocked you. You no longer have access to me and that is such an empowering feeling knowing that my abuser no longer has power over me.

Goodbye and good riddance, never speak to me again or attempt to

Sincerely and NEVER yours again to ruin,



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