The story of Us

The story of Us

The story of Us

Dear J, 

Never did I think someone as amazing as you would become my lover, and at this point, an ex. Remember the first night we met? I told you my entire life story without holding back on the way to our date location and yet, you laughed and went along with it. Our first kiss still gives me fireworks in my brain every time I remember it. From then, it was an exhilarating thrill being with you. Our love was like no other; one that dreamers only wish of achieving. And through a giant move across the country and the start of your fall semester in grad school, I remained by your side. My heart and soul was always set on you since the first time we locked eyes, and sometimes I wish you would’ve known that I was ready to be your future wife.

Maybe we split for a reason and maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen, but regardless I have never been happier alongside anyone else. You will forever be my twin flame, my better half, the chaotic good and the only man I’ll ever want to marry. Maybe someday we’ll get to laugh about the time you quacked at a duck on the Georgetown Waterfront and sit on the porch I so desperately wanted. Jun, it’ll always be us.

Forever and always,


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