To: X’zeavier

To: X’zeavier

To: X’zeavier

Dear XC, 
I miss you… more than you think. Even though I was trying to act like I have other people to talk to, I don’t. Even though we just broke up today, I miss you DEARLY. But still and yet, I want to act like I have options, when you’re the only person I can really click to.

I shouldn’t have called you “ugly” to seem like I didn’t care… but me, being stupid, I did it anyways. When me and you were together for those 5 months, it was an emotional rollercoaster. Now that I think about it, I’m being a Simp (for anybody who doesn’t know what a Simp is, it’s a person who basically cries and secretly still likes that one particular person)…. 
Even though we had a long distance relationship, it felt like you were right there beside me.

Well, good things don’t last forever, I really want to move on, but something is telling me no. I want to apologize, but something is telling me don’t do it before you get your heart broken, again. I’m going to attempt to cut off all types of communication with you if possible, I’m probably going to end up texting you by tonight :/

But, I love you with all my heart Baby. If you’re seeing this, you’re pretty lucky, because I’m not brave enough to say it to ur face.

Hugs N’ Kisses.

Luv Miyah.


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