Honesty from Alex

Honesty from Alex

Honesty from Alex

LTME-postThere’s a lot to say. I always write down my feelings, but I dont share them enough.

There are things you need to understand. The ending of our relationship is both of our faults. The ending of our friendship is YOUR fault.

Of course I love you. Deep down, I want nothing but the best for you. But I can never see you in the same light again. You cheated during our relationship. For what reason? Ill never know. I would not have forgiven you for this and the relationship still would have ended. Would I eventually open up and be your friend again? I think I would. But you never took the time to explain yourself. When I confronted you about my suspicions, you backed away and insisted nothing was going on. Because of my drug-fueled state at the time, I believed you. I shrugged it off hoping that what you were saying was the truth. Weeks passed and I thought about it again. You cheated. You cheated and there is no denying it. Whatever happened afterwards I could care less about, but what happened during, I care very much about.

If you have something serious to say, it would go a long way with me. Not right after all the drama. Coming at me trying to explain things so soon is basically an insult to me.

Time has passsed and so have we. Maybe you have something to say. It doesnt seem like it.

I’ll accept a phone call.

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  1. T 6 years ago

    Sincerely wondering if this is who I think it is, if it is you maybe want to rethink how you ended things.

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