You left me broken

You left me broken

You left me broken

LTME-postDear Ex,

I was fine by myself, until you came to my life. You brought colour to my boring life, we were happy, you told me you don’t want to lose me. After school vacation, you started to changed, when I ask whats wrong? you said nothing. Those changes affecting our relationship/ my mental state, therefore I asked what’s wrong with us? .in the end.. you let me go easily. in a text ;without a detailed information, you told me you were having a hard time with your fam.. then thats it. you ended it. I was young, and naive. I got so attached to you so easily. You were my first of everything. It was your bday month. I approached you but you pushed me away and even threaten to block me on sns. We didnt see each other until then.

It has been 3 months, I still think about you, the memory of you never fail to bring tears to my eyes. so cool.
I miss you babe. I just hope that someday you wont be in my mind. I just want to get over you . I know you won’t comeback, circumstances makes it more difficult. the fact that you didnt love me or take me seriously is enough to let you go . But i cant. screw human mind.


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