Was it really so easy?

Was it really so easy?

Was it really so easy?

LTME-postI gave you everything I had. I was so scared, but I gave you everything. I was willing to break my rules and forget the consequences for you, and you made me believe it was worth it. You made me believe you were doing the same, but you never were.

I trusted you with so much, and I relied on you even more. I told you about things I hadn’t even been able to admit to myself, and I still have no idea who you are. You know I’m sad and you know I am hurting. You know more than anyone, but it has been 24 days and you don’t call


  1. Kyu 6 years ago

    Yes, to some it was that easy. I had to learn to accept that and let her go. Easier said than done, I know.

  2. Leila Wagner 6 years ago

    Sometimes I don’t understand why it was so easy for some,people to move on..I am still hurting.it’s been almost 2,months now but I’m still crying..maybe because I gave my all to my relationship..I just really hope that one day I could find someone who will be there for me and love me for what I am for the rest on,my life

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